Team Spirit

We are proud of the long tenure of so many team members.  Everyone at our home office has served for at least five years, some for over ten years!

On site many of the team, approximately 25%, have over three years, several over five years and one who has been with us since we opened our doors.


Congratulations to the 2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipients!

DEL has recognized the following top leaders.

Oscar Ramirez

Lindsay Brouillette

Sabrina Oliveira

Investment Stategy

The analogy of a car moving slower than the traffic it is in, is a good image of opportunities DEL Development is looking for. An understanding of the traffic pattern in general, or the "Macro Environment" is essential to understanding where value might be. Assessing why a car is going slower than its peers, and what ills are afflicting it, are critical in parsing the good, the bad and the ugly. The experience and common sense to develop and execute the corrective measures necessary, is what wins the day.

DEL Development Corporation pursues opportunities where its expertise in renovating, managing and repositioning Multi Family Properties allows it to create value. Its hands on approach and keen understanding of onsite operations brings to the surface opportunities or warning signals that might otherwise be overlooked. These skills, along with the firm's significant Asset Management Experience, allow it to not only identify underperforming assets, but to dissect their operations and develop a strategy to maximize the long term value.

The firm looks to create investment opportunities that distribute monthly cash flow and produce significant Capital appreciation as the stream of income produced by the asset is carefully grown over time. A conservative approach to underwriting projected revenues and expense, along with the company's one deal at a time strategy, has allowed DEL Development to consistently meet or exceed the goals set out in its investment prospectives.

Our track record of identifying opportunities and then successfully executing on a sound business plan is an achievement the firm is most proud of. It is equaled only by the continued trust of both our employees and investors. Many of whom have been part of our team since the company was founded in 1992.


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