Team Spirit

We are proud of the long tenure of so many team members.  Everyone at our home office has served for at least five years, some for over ten years!

On site many of the team, approximately 25%, have over three years, several over five years and one who has been with us since we opened our doors.


Congratulations to the 2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipients!

DEL has recognized the following top leaders.

Oscar Ramirez

Lindsay Brouillette

Sabrina Oliveira

Donald Lippman, President
DEL Development Corporation was established by Donald Lippman in 1992 and has been actively involved in real estate acquisition, investment, development and property management. Since 1992 DEL has been involved in the acquisition of over 30 properties and currently directs the property management of over 3400 apartment units. Prior to establishing DEL, Donald was the Director of Multifamily Asset Management for a west coast capital management firm where he was involved in numerous apartment acquisitions, directed several renovations and developed a specialty in real estate turnarounds.
Betsy Dearing, Controller
Betsy is responsible for every aspect of the accounting and administration for each managed property as well as the smooth running of the Corporate Office. Betsy joined the DEL team in 2002 after relocating from Connecticut. Prior to that she worked in property management accounting, administration, and property management software for nearly 15 years. In 2004 she received the DEL Outstanding Leadership Award and in 2012 she recieved a DEL Distinguished Service Award.
Sandra A. Zuniga, Area Manager
Sandra joined the DEL team in 1998 as an Assistant Manager. She has been the Property Manager at several of DEL's managed sites and now serves as an Area Manager for several residential properties in the DEL portfolio. Prior to joining the DEL team, Sandra had five years of experience onsite, starting as a Leasing Agent and working up to Assistant Manager. She is a five time recipient of the DEL Distinguished Service Award.
Gabrielle McLaughlin, Area Manager
Gabby joined the DEL team in 2010 as a Leasing Agent.  She quickly learned the ropes and with her dedication to excellent customer service and attention to detail moved up to Assistant Manager and then to Property Manager.  She relocated several times to fill key roles and is now an Area Manager for several residential properties.
Lorena Rodrigues, A/P Manager
Lorena worked for the Property Management team as a Leasing Agent, Assistant Manager and Property Manager.  Then in early 2013 she joined the Home Office team and eventually took over the management of Accounts Payable.  Her experience on the Property Management team has given her unique and invaluable insight into expense control and payables management.  In 2013 she received the DEL Distinguished Service Award.
Patricia Yarborough, A/R Manager
Pat has been with DEL since its beginnings back in 1992.  She lived and worked on the Mississippi coast managing a property there until Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  She then relocated to Marietta, Ga and managed Silver Creek Apartments for many years.  Recently she transitioned to the Home Office team to take over the role of A/R Manager.  She brings to this role the same dedication and attention to detail that made her a successful Property Manager.  Pat has received numerous Distinguished Service Awards over the years as well as a 20 Year Service Award.

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